Implausibly Transformative

In dreaming the impossible Dream, the man from La Mancha sallied forth to defeat his quests and earn the love of his lady fair.   Or umm something like that…. Part II of Part I of the book summed up poetically…

Storybrooke Gardens - The Windmill Crosses A  Cloudy Sky.

Implausibly Transformative
by Michael Doyle

Transformative in all that he so desires
His heart alit by the passions of fire
Dedicating his days to becoming a knight
He is determined to set the world aright

Sallying forth into the world on his quest
Spiritual in every manner, he meets his test
The world you see is deeply in its need
He sets out to make real all that he did read

An inn turns into a castle inside his mind
The truth it must be told is left far behind
The world around decides to play along
Giving him his place of vigil where he belongs

A would be hero takes his beatings sprightly
As sure as he is in his confidence quite rightly
That by taking these beatings nearly every day
His nobility is shown in some sort of mystical way

All the stumbles by the poor pounded knight
Crumbles before the world's clean and clear sight
A former friend finds him out on his journey
Returning Don Quixote to his home and safety

Marveled in madness, he finds his certainty
A knight after all is needed quite urgently
Western history would be different from antiquity
If only the real world had such pure nobility

Sancho Pancho was shown this pure and true light
With the twinkling of an eye as the squire to his knight
Even the practical can be lured in by false promise
Grandness quickly puts away the Doubting Thomas 

(c) May 15, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

The Moulin Rouge - Tilting Musical Windmills




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