In the Tears We’ve Cried

Love, especially long distance love, can be so difficult.  Funny how it feels so easy when two hearts that mesh well meet.  Then things can get difficult.  But, you know what?  Bob Marley is right… was right.. whatever.  Thing is that it’s about knowing that you’ve met the one that is worth hurting over and still wake up knowing how much you love them still and perhaps, if it’s possible, even more.  It’s even harder when you are in an environment where levels of each other are revealed one at a time, right?

Watching a Netflix series called Love Is Blind.  Yes, very slowly.  Trying to absorb its lessons to learn from and grow as a man.  Trying also to get things right for once.  Sometimes I feel like a keystone cop with all that I’ve gotten wrong.

It Starts With A Smile - Secrets Told

In the Tears We've Cried
by Michael Doyle

I'm not one to believe
In luck or coincidence
Truth never deceives
I feel the hand of providence

My angel brings her message
From the heavens above
First sight brings its presage
Leading to the pleasant moments of love

Finding ourselves dancing in the rain
Feeling it now more than ever
It's something we don't need to explain
Our balance will lead to forever

Blessed by your cheers
Moving past all of the fears
Finally put at our ease
Each of us living to please

Living for us and each other
Knowing that we don't want another
I've seen it how we've tried
I know it in the tears we've cried

The question we had to ponder
Is love truly close to blind
We have met head on as we wandered
Learning its kind meeting kind

It's been the becoming of the real
Taking us beyond think and feel
Into the know that is knowing
Lifting the curtains of what's showing

(c) May 16, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

It Starts With A Smile - Cinema of My Dreams





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