Texas 1836

I have always found American history fascinating in all of our legends and tales, tall or not.

The Alamo - Sacristy

Texas 1836
by Michael Doyle

Texas, Eighteen Hundred Thirty Six
Thousands of Americans invited in
Finding their place in desert sand and sticks
Engaged in a struggle they would win

As Comanches and Karankawa fight
To keep their tribal land
And though maybe not purely right
They would lose; every tribe and band

The tension would flare and rise
As outlaws roamed throughout free
Under many a bloody tequila sunrise
It was a mixed tale of freedom and slavery

General Santa Anna fought for his land
While Jackson forestalled intervention
Americans would prevail in their stand
Whatever the wrongs and right of intention

Texas was forced to become its own nation
While Houston and Austin stood to fight
Manifest Destiny swept across the nation
Though the Mexicans would hold it as not right

The Alamo in death and ashes burned
As Texas roared up in great flame
Some lessons are not easily learned
Especially, when mankind's folly is to blame

It became a case of hardcore fight and die
With Mexicans, Tejanos and Americans cast in lot
It was not theirs really to question why
But to die if need be for reasons not forgot

(c) May 16, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

The Alamo - Hall of Flags




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