Lessons From Eden Park

The Roaring Twenties were a fascinating time.  Among the lessons to be learned was that a woman could do and be more than they had been allowed until then, vice and other personal choices could not be controlled and that gangster could become folk heroes.

New Palermo -Bootleg Barrels

Lessons From the Roaring Twenties
by Michael Doyle

Life can be short in its measure
The impetus behind being given to pleasure
Women came into the Twenties roaring
Libertine and dynamically soul soaring

Wondering a bit why it's called history
As though only men have known the glory
Women have always been right there all along
Though sometimes shunted to the shadows grown long

Barrier breakers leaping headlong into action
Determinately all they could be to their satisfaction
Wars such as World War I have a habit of changing life
That greatly exceeds that horrific strife

The Four Swallows had come to their roost
In between giving J.B. Corn his unholy boost
Necessity has always bred its invention
Some of these defying society's stern convention

There's a time travel to the business of history
As each strand connects to the edges of mystery
Taking life in small sips of French Seventy Five
The Roaring Twenties were quite the time to be alive

Life is often lived as a time of messy complexity
No matter how much we wish for sheer simplicity
Simultaneously repulsive and yet utterly fascinating
With all of its layers busily inter-relating

Remus' brain exploded into a boardwalk empire
Where all of the best and some of the dregs conspire
To set fire to that which constrains society
Without even a second thought about notoriety

History it seems can be more outlandish than fiction
As proven time and again with its accurate depiction
Whiskey pirates stole these harrowing, dog days
Causing all the bootleggers to seek out better ways

Prohibition came, destroyed and finally went
In those times lived and perhaps ill spent
But you cannot press draconian control of vice
Without it coming back on us like a steely vise

Booze and brains eventually won over brawn
And saw these days through until these were gone
Lawlessness was wrongly glorified in its height
Until freedom of choice became again a liberating light

(c) May 17, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

Kintsugi; Spirited Beyond - You Make Me Happy





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