Reconciled In My Forgiveness

Based in part on 2 Cor 5:17-21 :

Home, Sweet, Home - Thankful For the Gift of This New Day

Reconciled In My Forgiveness
by Michael Doyle

Stepping off the heavenly throne
For the sake of humanity's own
We are bought and covered in our sin
Thankful that we are saved again
Loved though we did not deserve
Held by the holy that we might serve
To be convicted in the words we hear
Praiseworthy in our love with no fear
In the depths of the shadows of our soul
We accept the comfort that does console
That though we are indeed bound for glory
We know we must do our part for His story

In perfect submission we find in your name
Our way out of sin and dishonor out of shame
Thankful that from my chains you set me free
Setting me apart to learn how to live wholly holy

The old me has passed away to become reconciled
From those things were embraced and defiled
No longer having my trespasses counted against me
But having been forgiven for all the error in enmity
Confirmed as Christian in the realness of identity
As brother to all as part of God's good family
Having come to terms with who I really must be
Presenting myself as I am in all my reality

Not a refugee from the things that I did wrong
But as one who knows where I know I belong
Rock solid in who I am as a man who does his best
Having long since past that important test

Believing what the Lord does say about me
Soul in keeping as one assured of my family
In a society of style over substance, running deeper
So that I have become new as the stars' keeper

The reasons for my living changed to a new creation
Looking for something deeper than mere sensation
I walk my path side by side in all of God's ways
Come alive from the cross for the rest of my days
With God, I am reconciled in our relationship
Knowing my part is found in my holy worship
There in the message of hope given up to me
Though dead once, the debt is paid for my dignity
Cleansed from the very worse of who I have been
I know that i have worn the tainted sinner's skin
Unable to fix the horrid things that I have done
Knowing I owe all of this to God's only son

Through the grace of God I have received this gift
Bridging the gap of unworthiness across the rift
That I could never hope through myself to redeem
The lamb of God has made my soul become clean
Though once a creature of darkness, I am made right
Having been led through the goodness to the light
I willingly play a vital role as an ambassador for Him
Feeling this deeply in my soul as more than a whim

The purpose of my life is to help others come alive
To reach for that that more than to just survive
God's mouthpiece of hope found in our Savior
To live a better life by changing our behavior
Showing through the Father's light, God's glory
Representing Him through actions and His story
Embracing the hurt and filling the world with love
Doing our best to show the path of heaven above
(c) May 17, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

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