Meditative Movement

In these last months, as if we haven’t been too sedentary in the first place, we have been almost nothing but stuck in and out of sorts with finding ways to keep moving.  This is counter to what is best practices for leading a mindful life.

Peaceheaven - Sunflower Mixed

Meditative Movement
by Michael Doyle

In our present age, filled with angst and strife
A scientific path of yoga can add much to life
Doing much to decrease this lifestyle's disease
By putting mind and body in their natural ease

Closing our eyes to focus on our breath
An indicator of the physiology of life and death
Deepening our breath in all of its acute fullness
Adding more meaning and decreasing dullness

A gentle openness and then coming back to center
As a moving meditation, this is what we enter
Bringing our hands to near our heart's center
Again we take care in the state that we enter

It's there in the circulation and blood flow
Where we meet and are best and simply know
Feet firmly pressed into the firmament of ground
As an elongated spine becomes present as found

Neurological signals are sent in our observation
Twisting into a lengthening sense of convention
A natural stopping will become eventually found
Taking good care that our spines do not become round

With slight look over our shoulders
Carefully not pulling but just a bit bolder
Self massage can give good loving care
Circling around greater then subtly finding center there

Deep breath in as the deep breath goes out
Removing the angst and feelings of undue doubt
Adjusting posture as duly deserved and needed
And this then is the nature of things to be heeded

(c) May 24, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

The Outer Garden Revisited - Peace Lily Zoomed





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