Towards A Science of Yoga

More and more, my mind is increasingly turned toward the benefits and science of alternative medicine and self care such as meditation and yoga.   To the degree that it does not conflict with Christianity, I cannot imagine where it does anything but benefit taking care of the temple of the Lord that our bodies are.

Home, Sweet, Home - Peace of Mine

Towards A Science of Yoga
by Michael Doyle

Hatha yoga holds each of its postures
As something real not as an imposture
Just a bit of self care and therapy
That can help us heal into healthy

A movement of spine in multi-direction
Can stretch us and help with due correction
Useful in adjustments to help us gain
But, others that maybe some might refrain

Stress, pain and sleep in their management
Might help us to heal and aid temperament
The science of yoga provides great evidence
To show each of these are helped with providence

Slowing our minds with each subsequent breath
And helping us to delay what brings our death
It's healthful in bringing mind-body connection
To reduce and heal the lack of things in their detection

Useful in helping sleep and mental perception
There is a world of difference in this connection
Little breaks of earnest, peaceful meditation
Are useful in their energizing feel and in prevention

Of all the harm that comes our way
Being present with our breath every day
All of these moments are taken with ease
Each of these moments benefit and please

(c) May 24, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

Parc de la Sernite - Tubin'




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