In Remembrance and Reflection On This Memorial Day 2020

Let today be a day of thought on, remembrance of and deep reflection on those who have given their lives for the cause of freedom and liberty, this Memorial Day 2020:

For the peace lovers out there, may I readily agree that war is, indeed, a very ugly thing.  But there are worse things.  This is said perhaps more eloquently than I will ever have the capability to do in a seminal work by John Stuart Mill:

This essay explains why so many of us have been willing to sign our names on that blank check of willingness to give their lives that you and I may enjoy the rewards of freedom and live our lives in liberty.   To these men and women, we owe a debt of gratitude that we can never truly repay.  So won’t you please take a moment and give a bit yourselves today spent in quiet reflection on this idea and in gratitude?  This Veteran (me), I would appreciate that so very much!!






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Writer, poet, musician, surfer, father of two princesses.
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