On Being Eleventeen

My youngest daughter turns 11 tomorrow.   She’s brilliant, witty, charming in her own ways and has a bright future ahead of her.  Yes.  I am a very proud father of both of my princesses.   The only kingdom I have to leave to them is that of the heart and soul.  These kingdom treasures will have never been in better hands than theirs.

KSAA Music Commune - Bust-A-Balloon

On Being Eleventeen
by Michael Doyle

It's coming I see - that is your birthday
We've had to celebrate it on Saturday
Not because I didn't want to do it right
But because, I won't get to see you that night

I can see it there in your beautiful eyes
No, it's really not that huge of a surprise
You're tired of being treated like a child
By those who do and you become a bit riled

Knowing that you know as much as you do
And that there is no one quite as good as you
At being and becoming and seeing what you do
And pursuing those things with a heart so true

You seek as you do to be seen as someone to trust
I'm glad that you do because it's true and you must
There are changes in the you I see of transcendence
Earning every step of your growing independence

Listening as you become ever better at communication
Hearing your thoughts and feelings with fasciation
Watching as you seek your best to know and then knowing
As you become the you that you are always growing

Though we may joke around, I am not so totally blind
I haven't missed how you've grown into being more kind
How you listen with loving ears in full consideration
Seeking to know the world in your deep investigation

As your loving father, I need you to know you're wonderful
Growing into a young lady and magically quite beautiful
These things have not escaped my meandering attention
I take in every change and nuance with great retention

I need and want you to know that we can always talk
Be it in a quiet cuddle or along with me in a walk
Your truths as you see them and your thoughts and feelings
Are safe with me as you gain confidence in their revealing

It's so easy to be interested in things that you are
Whether it be cooking or learning or even in counting stars
No, you don't have to answer all of time to my questions
But, when you want to, I hope you do without any hesitation

It is amazing to watch as you begin to truly find yourself
From friends, online, magazines and even books on the shelf
You just be the best you that you are and your best shines through
Always know that you are the most wonderful at truly being you

It's important to me for you know how much I truly love you
That I put the greatest trust and confidence in what you do
We will not always see things eye to eye, but my ears hear
All the things that you love and don't and like and fear

Most of all, I want to be here for you to always know
That you can turn to me as you search and learn to grow
That my heart will always love you until end of world
Whether you stretch out bravely or sleep there all curled

(c) May 25, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

SL Birthday Bash - Beguile - Let the Journey Beign




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Writer, poet, musician, surfer, father of two princesses.
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