This Haunting Song

Some say this time we live in is too familiar to the Spanish Influenza back in 1918.   So far, the numbers don’t even remotely echo that horrific event.  Still…

Burning Man  - Hope

This Haunting Song
by Michael Doyle

This epidemic is a narrative goldmine
With every kiss a gamble of soul shine
That litters our lives with its mistakes
Always upping the stakes of lethal heartbreaks

There was a pull of stress in the 1918 flu
With an unexpected congruity for me and you
Here with the days that we now live
Where one fatal misstep may be all we have to give

There is a sense of urgency to get things right
With its tone of emergency making everyone uptight
Poured a glass of whiskey pretending to be a cure
Those were the days, that the world had to endure

Caught in the contagion of loss and creeping dread
When it was damn near impossible to escape our heads
All of the collateral damage of cramped in scapegoats
Living on sinking ships that forgot to procure life boats

All we've left to do is keep calm and carry on
Staying at home until the day the dread is gone
All the timeless moments as we hum and nod along
Whispering half forgotten words to life's haunting song

(c) May 25, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

Limberlost State Historic Site and Loblolly Marsh 12072019




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