On Habits of Soap, Water and Masks

My youngest princess is fond of teasing the truth that we are living history.  What a memory this all will be one day won’t it?   They’ll be able to say they lived through a global crisis and remember things seen, learned and done.  Crisis and opportunity often go hand in hand.

Existence In Balance -Soap Bubble Dhrama

On Habits of Soap, Water and Masks
by Michael Doyle

On looking at this without pretense
So much of this is down to common sense
Washing our hands with soap and water
Is something ever father has taught his daughters

Nothing fancy to be seen is needed to be used
Anything further is a notion to be disabused
Even alcohol can disrupt this viral enemy
Just don't leave it in your car, quite sensibly

Spiked crowns of destructive strategy
Need to be blocked teaches epidemiology
Lean and maybe just a tad beyond mean
These viruses are amazing dabs of protein

We'll need to manipulate antibodies to bind
Or, at least, that is what scientists have in mind
There will be a need for successfully run trials
Before at last, we'll reach out with victorious smiles

All of this, is much too much to live and yet we do
To keep this safe and sane for the likes of me and you
Until then, we'll live with masks protecting each face
This is the new norm that each of us must learn to embrace

(c) May 29, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

LEA1 - Mystics, Myths and Elements of Nature -Mystic Mask



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