Soldiers From the Heart

Based in part on Matthew 5:6:

St Luke's Parish - What Does the Bible Say About False Teaching and Teachers?

Soldiers From the Heart
by Michael Doyle

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst
For the righteousness of God foremost and first
For all of these shall be fully satisfied
Because in the countersign they will be ratified

Our spiritual battle leaves us vulnerable to sin
And to become victims of false doctrine again and again
We focus instead on what is Biblically true and good
Just we know beyond knowing that we should

As was true for the young pastor, Timothy
This is not a time for us to live in timidity
Filled with power, love and true discipline
It is on our knees that the battle must begin

Called in the footsteps of Paul and not the Deceiver
We passionately pursue godliness as believers
This is what it means to be Christ's soldiers from the heart
It is the standard we will always bear and never depart

Good and faithful soldiers from the days of our youth
We endeavor ever forward hungerly pursuing the truth
This is the standard of sound words by which we hear
All the Biblical truth by which we will defend and adhere

No longer willingly allowing verses take out of context
To be the measure by which God and the world connects
But to say that not to judge means to judge hypocritically
Instead we are to use Biblical discernment fundamentally

As truth soldiers we will shoulder through all the difficulty
That everyday life brings to and by our own best ability
Soldiering on as it were in all efforts to live victory
In this, we will and do find our spiritual place of maturity

Abstaining from wickedness, fleeing lust and seeking the right
We live our lives as vessels willingly filled with God's light
Faith, love and peace are what we meant to give and to live
To best our abilities and in our shortfall God always forgives

The Lord's bond servant must avoid argument and instead be kind
Seeking always to reach and where possible bring sight to the blind
With gentleness, we are meant to truthfully correct our opposition
Fighting the good fight from beneath the cross' good position

(c) May 30, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

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