The Fall of Constantinople

Though largely symbolic, the fall of Constantinople brought ruin to a significant part of Europe by the hand of the Ottoman Empire on May 29, 1453, after  siege of less than two months.

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The Fall of Constantinople
by Michael Doyle

A black day, May 29th in the year 1453
Was a day to live in the annals of infamy
Constantinople fell to the Ottoman army
Marking the end of Rome's great history

The Ottoman Empire pressed into Europe's east
Unleashed as if it were a horrific beast
Symbolic in the battle between civilizations
As one by one, the Ottomans toppled Christian nations

Then arose atop the empire, Suliman the First
Destined to wield his conquering unquenchable thirst
Forever altering the course of the Reformation
Crushing the Czech and Hungarian nations

This then is how the Hapsburgs gained more power
As Ferdinand came to throne claimed in this hour
Hungary became subject to the Ottoman nation
Breeding the grounds for further confrontation

Against Christianity's enemy, it was understood
That temporal treaties would make arrows of any wood
Practiced in pragmatism, spiritual enemies formed alliance
Despite the facts of fate caused by this informal dalliance

Under the murderous reigns of Ottoman sultans
Subjugation was made of millions of Christians
As drafted Janissaries served as mercenaries
Casing the losses of Christians for centuries

Sultan and Pope were treated with equal hatred
By the Protestants fighting for what they held sacred
This came to an uneasy passage of broken courses
Living to this day in time's eternal forces

May 30, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

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