A Haunting Place

Ghosts don’t require ancient castles or haunted Victorian homes.  Sometimes the most haunting place is alone inside a person’s mind.

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A Haunting Place
by Michael Doyle

Inside my mind is a haunting place
Filled with missed memories I wish to embrace
Inside myself is a self that I have lost
And while others count coup, I count the loss

A sweet assassin of my contentment
Kept cut off like a defended compartment
The chains that rattle this inner ghost
Are the things I've kept hidden the most

There are so many things said about me
That maybe even the truest heart would doubt me
Moments like these instill my humbled nature
And are those they way will help me to mature

The contradictions inherent in all they have said
Swirled around, rolling down until ricocheting in my head
There in all of my shaded impossibility
Somewhere, somehow is the very truth of me

Late at night, I lay awake in cross-examination
Of all these comparted parts that led to alienation
But in the break of morning light, I still arise
To peer into the mirror alone seeing on me in my eyes 

(c) June 4, 2020 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

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