Pranking Into Vandalism

Started watching a show about a prankster who at least appears from the first episode to have been maybe framed.  I say seems and maybe because I fell asleep.  Woke up at the start of the second episode.  Still think I managed to hatch a relevant poem somehow. ..

Fusion 2019 - Vandal Mural

Pranking Into Vandalism
by Michael Doyle

In the hard facts of vandalism
There is a sense of radicalism
In the conceptions of vulgarity
There is only limited hilarity

Born to lose in a gang of fun
The way-back boys left one undone
The evidence against had its prevalence
But the changes made held great relevance

Growing up in the unavoidable YouTube age
Still, some digital move are a whole other page
Meant to be done with great retention
And not very probable for those with low attention

Truth knows what it knows in a thing of jealousy
Tagged at it is in the roll of history
Messages sent and taken in two different ways
Can lead and often does lead to interesting days

A set up feeling like yesterday's school yard
Where extra credit is earned with a discard
Of books stacked up high for catch up reading
Like a cloud burst that needs hay seeding

(c) June 4, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

Green Duck Graffitti




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