Choice To Be Made

What it really all comes down to, I think, anyhow…

Downtown Indianapolis -  At the Side of Abraham Lincoln

Choice To Be Made
by Michael Doyle

What this all comes down to
For the likes of me and you
Is if we'll let our nation live in fear
Or, if we'll walk together and persevere

Our nation is founded, as I recall
To be lived in equal justice under rule of law
Together, we must determine our destiny
And what it is that we'll leave as our legacy

In our Christian nation, it seems a little odd
That we are all equally loved by God
And that a righteous nation shall be known
By the goodness and mercy it has shown

Not in treating any as somehow above
But in showing the least some of God's love
Sharing hope and seeing hopelessness as poverty
As we learn to walk together in our dignity

Let no more innocent lives be taken
Let us by more brutality no more be shaken
Walking side by side each of us on mankind's side
But becoming together more known for being on God's side

(c) June 8, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

Burn2 - Balance - Sword of Justice Scales




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