Letting An Innocent Man Die

Yes, this is still a big issue if not the biggest issue with me left over from the work for which I will always take a bit of my dignity and honor (such as it is) from.   Even one innocent person dying wrongfully as he or she is being put to death is unacceptable in my heart and mind.

During this weekend’s visitation, I had my young ladies watch Selma  and a documentary circling around the life of James Baldwin to help us come to common understanding about George Floyd, police misconduct in general, racism, and what has come before in our nation.

Then we discussed where I differ and part ways from those who choose a path of violence and destruction in the pretense that these tragic acts can somehow be right in righting the injustices of this world.  Teachable moments taught and learned from as we shared not only my thoughts as their father, but, what they see, think they see and the importance of verifying information passed out from others.

FaNg Sanctuary Island- Death Casts Its Shadows In the Heart

Letting An Innocent Man Die
by Michael Doyle

No one should ever be learning
The smell of a man burning
Taking in each breath
Knowing this awaits you at death

It can make a guilty man lie
Feeling it better that an innocent man die
Than to face that electric chair
Fear of this has been the devil's snare

Forcing the heart to give way
To just live for yet another day
Sitting there in that smoky daze
The Devil is quite certain of a weak man's ways

Men who knew maybe less than nothing
Find themselves compelled to say something
When injustice has its brutal way
The time comes soon enough for Hell to pay

Emotions will run high
With not one dry eye
When a guilty man decides with a sigh
It's better to let an innocent man die

(c) June 8, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

Nocturne-Vampire the Masquerade-  Pagoda of Death




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