Something Somehow Selfish Worn

Based in part on 1 Cor.10:31:

Shoebox In Beli - Keep Calm This Too Shall Pass

Something Somehow Selfish Worn
by Michael Doyle

There is something selfish in loving the Lord
Because He loves us and we're looking forward
To that fellowship we feel here and up above
And know the eternal embrace of His love

Here we are gathered to listen as we await and hear it
The blessings borne by the wisdom of the Holy Spirit
Thankful as we are in all of our best given gratitude
Doing our very best to always wear the right attitude

It's such a total and amazing flow of Heaven's grace
As we turn toward those depths of our Father's face
We praise His name for having freed us from our chains
Knowing that despite the struggles it is not in vain

Our Lord has called us to the very foot of the cross
So that we might gain all the truth and not the loss
That there within God's deep caressing breath
Are the things of life and escape from our own death

In all that we dare to do, we do for our Lord's glory
Always grateful in all that we are part of His story
Thanks be to God for all the best things that we see
And knowing that the yoke put on us has set us free

All the things, be these simple or other times complex
Are the patterns of integrity in which all else connects
We, as the ambassadors of truth and living in the light,
Are God's vessels in setting the example lived right

There is no requirement to be in church to live His glory
This truth is as old as the essence of our human story
Despite the wrong turns of going places that are astray
And yet, like the prodigal son, we will return some day

It's better to keep on the path toward our called destination
It's somehow bittersweet and, yet, lived with fascination
If only there would be no distraction causing us to lose our way
We must patiently learn to live each day best as a godly day

Each blessing given in each part of our passing flow of years
Are lived in as we persevere never quitting despite the tears
Never giving up but rather pursuing our God given dreams
Pressing on even when it seems we're bursting at our mortal seams

When obstacles come along that drag us temporarily down
We must get back up and strive again for the winning crown
With the prayerful help of our loving Father we shall always
Gain more than we have been giving in living out our best days

(c) June 10, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

Corona - A Touch of a Rosee Crown




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