On Attempting To Be A Good Father

As Father’s Day approaches, I am thinking a lot on what it means to be a father to my two daughters.  I am woefully aware that as they approach their teenage years, there are things I might have said and done better.  I love these girls more than anything in the world.  When I let them down, it brings a tear to my eyes and a tear in my soul.  As I continue to fight to stay alive, I also do my best to be as good a father as I can.  Perhaps, I am just too damaged.

Rummu Quarry - Tired Swing

On Attempting To Be A Good Father
by Michael Doyle

My circumstances in their totality
Are disruptive to my family
I wish my daughters to know it is not by choice
That as their father, I have so little voice

Often on my knees, I am in prayer
Doing what I can to mend this tear
That as I look into my Father's face
He finds the mercy to give me strength and grace

My weaknesses have oft caused me to fail
But, I press onward hoping to prevail
Finding that forgiveness helps past the pain
And in better understanding, seeing that it's not in vain

As Father's Day approaches, I look toward Providence
That my heavenly Father might give me His guidance
Prayerful in attempting to yet bless my family
Hoping that my daughters might know all they mean to me

Sometimes like Lucifer in his proud falling
I learn that being a good father is a hard calling
So often, I've found that I don't know what to do
Only hoping, two princesses see that I strive to be good and true

Striving to be both velvet and made of steel
Following God's leadership in following His will
And that in my very best sense of full measure
Show them that they are more priceless than treasure

In all that I do my best to do, I live
To show them by example how to love and forgive
There is a certain case to be made for this vulnerability
Tears fill my eyes when I've let down my family

(c) June 17, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

Father's Day At the Indiana State Museum - Pendulum Swing




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