Back Chat of Eternal Insomnia

So many of us spend countless hours into the we hours of the night staving off the limited hours until the morning light.  Insomnia and its accompanying sleep exhaustion have claimed many of us and leading into less good than bad.  Still, we choose more of the same, don’t we?

Memories From Underground - Alone In the Night

Back Chat of Eternal Insomnia
by Michael Doyle

At 4 AM, you realize your sleeplessness
The oddest part is just how it's needless
Nothing can be said in these late moments
To bring world peace or ease life's torments

Of relationships that have somehow gone wrong
And no words said that will make you belong
Any more than you will or already do now
Nor that will not keep a more reasonable time anyhow

You know you have to wake up early tomorrow
Then that's when you realize to your sorrow
That tomorrow is already come to be today
Yet, nothing has changed, for the good anyway

Life in all of its fundamental complexity
Surges over you like a sea of anxiety
Like an un-subtle compulsive tide will rise
Nothing quite removes the red from your eyes

You keep leaving the bed clumsy into the night spaces
Your mind numbly feels out it's blank bits and traces
As gravestone toast pops up in slices of indignity
While that cup of coffee feigns restoration of your humanity

On and on, your mind drones on virtually empty
Believing yourself genius at your own audacity
Alone in your apartment, you find yourself as you sit
In the company of thousands of others who'll never forget

There in the mystical fellowship of insomniacs
Are the makings of tortured souls turned into maniacs
Each mistaking the other as a guild of piercing minds
Each unwilling to ever be left in the state of being behind

Over the city's rooftops, data flow shimmers and flexes
As millions of lost souls seek to to somehow truly connect
It's a God like time that manages to feel as if eternal
Though in the end burns deep like something infernal

The clock loses itself in these darkest of dear hours
As Gothic backchat seizes control and then sours
All the woe of far too little time in which to sleep
Caught in the foggy grayness that just could not keep

(c) June 21, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

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