Waking Up Alone

Didn’t Bowie set it out for us well?  Time may and does change us.  But, we cannot change time.  Why do realize that when we are young.  Then so many of us lose sight of this as we grow older and want to hold on to yesterday as if it was ours to hold.   One of the joys that I have as I watch my little girls become the young ladies that they are is in hearing their reasoning even on areas that I disagree with them on.  I think this world will be left to very capable hands and hearts.   I am so very proud of both of them.  And yet, I write a poem like this.  lol   No one said that I’m not contradictory at times, right?

Lakeside - Alone Again....Naturally

Waking Up Alone
by Michael Doyle

Youngsters don't tend to live in the past
Living fully aware that many things don't last
They're never afraid to listen despite their fears
The Rubicon may have been crossed but we're still here

Time makes time until marked time is gone
And still, tomorrow comes moving forward and on
Life brings its hints of stark mockery
But, we've always known the humor of history

Apocalyptic warnings of too many hard rains
Have drowned out the approach of the slow trains
Moving us past the point of known no return
As an accordion sighs and life's blossoms burn

Yesterday, today and tomorrow will die too
Doing as they do and all things eventually do
Fatalism hangs in the air as a sneering question
That bleeds into all life withstanding its hesitation

As we each see the highs and experience the lows
Dreaming of things we're fear to really know
Wondering how it feels to know we're on our own
Feeling beyond the terrible terror of waking up alone

(c) June 21, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

Shagwong Cove Resort - The Onliness of Being Alone





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