A Twinge of the Mundane

In the continuing series on seeing the world through a photographer’s eyes, we look at the question as to what is to be done about the mundane…

Recon On Indiana Dunes and Upper Wabash Valley II 07042020 and 07062020

A Twinge of the Mundane
by Michael Doyle

Seeing the mundane into extraordinary
Is to find the connections within the ordinary
Making the nuances of these connections
Stand out in their infinite directions

Making excellence out of quietude 
Requires just a little creative latitude
Soft light makes the subject pop from the background
No matter where you are, there's a stage to be found

There's really no such thing to be known
There there is something that cannot be shown
No part of the world that's truly the middle of nowhere
Because to someone's heart, all places are somewhere

The attention is found in the details
That bring the clarity and pop to the tales
As we remove the clutter from our life's page
And are provided the grab shots of our stage

It's that something in the something that has meaning
Touching to the heart of us as humans simply being
Living life as it flows and isn't really sought
And yet these moments are not very easily forgot

All that surrounds use gives us our opportunity
When looked at in our artistic heart's ability
It's all up to the focal of the camera's eye
And the quality of light played from the sky

In these wide open places and infinite spaces
We find the life lived as it lovingly embraces
All of the zest of life that is to be found
In the many unexpected moments that often abound

In this ever present truth, we find the inane
That perhaps after all, there is no such thing as mundane
The entire world is an oyster split open to be had
All circumstances bring something for which to be glad

(c) July 7, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

Recon On Indiana Dunes and Upper Wabash Valley II 07042020 and 07062020



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