Cancel Culture Must End

I was so heartened to see 100 voices from the Left have finally seen the light so much so that they themselves are now beginning to say what I have said for over 15 years now.  This whole cancel culture is something akin to openly declared fascism.  If allowed to prevail, it’s the death of open debate and with that our free society goes crashing down.  I do not, of course, agree that President Trump is the greater evil.  To that part of their letter, I hope they start thinking a little more before they endorse silliness like that in the future.  He is an abrupt man with a great need to revisit the basics on civility, but, many if not most of his policies themselves are sound regardless of my agreement or disagreement on them.  It’s the ability to tolerate disagreed on policies that marks a free society not simply being civil to the ideas we agree on.

See their letter here:

Recon On Indiana Dunes and Upper Wabash Valley II 07042020 and 07062020

Cancel Culture Must End
by Michael Doyle

One hundred names affixed to the letter
One hundred voices recognizing free speech is better
AS our cultural institutions are on trial
While cultural fascism has become their rival

Powerful protests filled with their demands
Some felt overdue as the once excluded take their stand
Only to find that some are going more than too far
And that open debate should be society's North Star

We cannot destroy openness and societal toleration
And from this destruction create a better nation
Leftist prattled hardens into its own dogmatic coercion
And is void of the voice of reason and its persuasion

Force against force will eventually come to meet
Making a defunct mess of out towns and cities main streets
The free exchange of ideas are the lifeblood of society
Not the raising of any over the others in a flood of anxiety

This force of intolerance brandishing a fetish for public shame
Brings nothing good the will leave the ugly scars of blame
It's nothing short of fascistic to on harshness of retribution
We should stand together encouraging each person's contribution

The cost of doing otherwise has its natural consequence
From which none can expect any sort of just recompense
It is heart warming that some who brought yesterday's harm
Have sent out a letter expressing the Far Left's lack of charm

(c) July 7, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

Recon On Indiana Dunes and Upper Wabash Valley II 07042020 and 07062020




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