Theatrical Dawg Bones Thrown

However much the director whines that he’s only got 2 1/2 hours to present his hip hop distortions of American history and however much he manages to make his errors rhyme and dance match the music’s time, I don’t appreciate how off he was in presenting history in its proper context or rather his almost complete failure to do so.

I do agree that if you don’t know a thing about US history to the point where you think BLM has some point other than the mass destruction of America in favor of some Marxist make over while simply putting one ‘race’ over top of the human race in place of some make believe white supremacy that certainly hasn’t existed in my life and then like hip hop, bad rhymes and slamming folks you don’t like, you might like Hamilton.  Otherwise, I think it’s a pop culture thing that is having its part of 15 minutes in the sun and will fadeaway as hopefully quickly as this reverse racism craze does.

I think Martin Luther King, Jr., and Frederick Douglass would both be rolling over in their graves in all the pandering society is doing to hoodlums.  Even on NPR last night on my way home from photographing, there was a radio presentation in which some white far Leftist was showing off her bonafides of white guilt by making the case that some gangsta who didn’t get all the candy he felt entitled to in grade school was more than justified in stealing the teacher’s monetary script cause you know fair is fair and if he wasn’t getting his desires met, well he was justified in leveling the playing field through theft.   I defy anyone to walk me through how that meets the Judeo-Christian ethic in any way.    All Life Is A Sacred; All Life Matters.  There is but one human race and we are all the children of God.

Indiana Amish Heartland Scenic Drive 06272020

Theatrical Dawg Bones Thrown
by Michael Doyle

You want to create a new norm
On falsehoods where little truth is borne
You say it's a theatrical revolution
Transforming society in its Marxist evolution

Catching lightning in a bottle of lies
Wearing our history in blackfaced disguise
I, myself, I am diametrically opposed
Too all of this falsity pre-supposed

As people seek to turn heritage into rap
Never realizing it was creating a trap
And that its repercussions would rock the streets
Bringing misconceived notions to their feet

Racists in reverse no matter how well rehearsed
Are naught but evangelists of Marxism immersed
As they bring ruin to America's good name
Clapping in joy at what should being shame

What a travesty to want to project falsity
And that it might be seen as reflective of history
Turning fundamentals of justice on their flip side
Just to put the spotlight on a bit of racist pride

That all lives matter is America's great story
To say only black lives matter is not glory
I offer no thank you to your miscreant contribution
And will fight heart and soul against your revolution

This musical is the height of elevating mediocrity
So much less of a history than outright mockery
Speaking in terms of catching lightning in a bottle
Is so stupendous as to make me want to throttle

Those who are compelled beyond cancel culture's cull
Instead of holding true to the principles we must recall
It's a narrative based on a fallacious image of immigration
Horribly told of a time when all were immigrants to this nation

When will there come a time when truth is set loose to shine
That our path of equality is complex in this land of mine
But from the very beginning our Founders believed in its truth
I will debate 1619 or anyone on this, I've studied since my youth

(c) August 8, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

From Delphi To Indiana Beach 08072020




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