Thought For the Day: Readers May Be Amazed That We Have To Continue To Expand Medicare, Medicaid, Obamacare Subsidies and the Like Because 12 Years Ago, We were Told That the Trillion-Dollar Affordable Care Act Was Going To Provide Universal Coverage

 “Readers may be amazed that we have to continue to expand Medicare, Medicaid, ‘Obamacare’ subsidies and the like because 12 years ago, we were told that the trillion-dollar Affordable Care Act was going to provide universal coverage for everyone. But we keep spending hundreds of billions of tax dollars, and all we hear is how many millions of people continue to lack health care coverage. Maybe that is because all the money the authorities spend on health care makes the whole system way more expensive.” – Stephen Moore

Does anyone recall people like myself stating very clearly that the alleged universal healthcare of the Affordable Care Act was simply a ruse and would not work? Here we are 12 years later and the Democrats insist it’s not working and therefore government should grow again. What’s that adage about fooling once is the shame of the person running the con and if others are fooled again, it’s shame on them? We in America are living it.

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