Making Moments Memories

Amore Italiano - A Little Coffee After the Meal
Making Moments Memories
by Michael Doyle

It's the moments
Not selfies that we need
In these times that aren't content
But from these, we can be freed

Like mental orgasms
Crept up on with enthusiasm
Not the dull day of ego
That add up to practically zero

One photo after another
Taken endlessly as if disorder
Run amuck and feeling lifeless
Instead of grasping at the timeless

Scenes of beauty that we live for
Or times of humor, we come to alone
When it comes to centering on self
The ego is best beside itself

Ingratiated with knowing less is more
When it comes to selfie shots we endure
On after an endless onslaught of even more
Until one wonders what one's eyes are opened for

Instead, let's grab us a memory
Moments spent with friends and family
Nobody dies until their memories do
There have never been words heard that are more true

Ignore the joy thieves who would steal
All the beauty and kindness a life reveals
They might criminalize the laughter
From here until the days of ever after

But they cannot exterminate what makes humanity
And the best of this is our living in memory
A smile and a laugh make life more livable
And these are the memories that are unforgettable

Laughter and music are the world's connection
In the tiny moments that come from any direction
These then are the moments that are most vital
Amidst the tears and all else being equal

Every breath and sigh has potential to be memory
This is the intimacy that makes every life holy
Sacred times that some pass off as heedless banality
That make us complete and sacred in their finality

(c) January 19, 2022 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Shataki Gardens in India -  A Dance At Dawn

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