Thought For the Day: Fauci’s Claim That He Himself ‘Represents the Science’ and His Admitted Deceptions of the Public Are Incompatible With Each Other and…Insolent

“Fauci’s political dispositions shape his alarmism and discredited him with a large swath of the country that any viable public-health strategy has to be able to reach. He denounced people for attending college-football games in a region of the country where Covid was in seasonal decline. No outbreak materialized. He’s been under fire from Republican senators and House members and has handled it increasingly poorly — he was caught on a hot mic calling Senator Roger Marshall a ‘moron’ during a Senate hearing last week. Fauci’s claim that he himself ‘represents the science’ and his admitted deceptions of the public are incompatible with each other and intolerably insolent to boot. Most important, they subvert and undermine American self-government. He must go.” – National Review

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