Nihilistic Stumble Grumble

One more Light: Gatsby Hotel  - A Magical Garden
Nihilistic Stumble Grumble
by Michael Doyle

Life in all its histories
Is filled with a million mysteries
Things that might have gone better
Written and unwritten, letter by letter

We find ourselves filling up the holes
Trying to bring comfort to our souls
Stepping in an avalanche pulling us down
We try to find our smiles to turn around our frowns

Conquering the pain that life reveals
Refusing to be lost in the details
Life plays out just as it will
Be it dull surprises or living thrill by thrill

Figuring out the puzzle, finding peace in the pieces
Keeping our inner demons on sturdy leashes
And then we pass this world onto the next generation
Knowing that they have lost all sense of veneration

We hope they'll do better at passing the test
Having given them what we knew to be our best
It seems to be part of God's secret plan
Maybe it is just part of being mortal man

Trying our best, we make our mistakes
Finding love as we can while embracing heartbreaks
Troubled that nothing tells us what to do
We wish the best to whose next in the rear view

(c) April 16, 2022 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
One more Light: Gatsby Hotel  -Roadster for Two

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