Seder For This Human’s Grace

House of Prayer - Names of God
Seder For This Human's Grace
by Michael Doyle

In fulfillment of the command that God Gave
We honor the Lamb who came with intent to save
In humble response to our redemption from sin
On this 15th day of Spring's coming once again

On this altar of courage bringing deliverance
In this sacred story of a chosen people's obedience
Gathering the dearest and the lonely within and without
Bringing our hunger from fasting; removing our doubt

Marking room for even the very quietest of places
Knowing of the last supper and all that it embraces
Sipping the Kiddush blessing from first cup of wine
We wash our hands in preparation of the divine

Yearning for justice and for the sweetness of freedom
In righteous expression for the redemption of God's kingdom
Christ was sacrificed on Passover to save us all
Its in His remembrance that we do this and humbly recall

But even as we recall this past, let's think on Ukraine
And how our hearts ache, hoping their lives are not in vain
An evil tyrant's actions are taken with selfish intention
That a Human Declaration of Rights cannot give protection

Wailing at the Wall for the sake of all of mankind
That they might see and stop being busy or too blind
In a recital of four questions, we pause on why
These fifteen steps ascend across a bridge of sighs

Why is this night different than all other nights
The paschal sacrifice is an atonement to make life right
These things that we do in collective sacred memory
Of how God's chosen people rose from their slavery

In the Messiah's sacrifice, we all find passage to be free
Restored as it were from sin to our fullest dignity
The best answers are always found in questions asked
These serve as reminders of the laws of which we are tasked

To honor God by fullness of body, soul and our minds
Loving one another and never forgetting bondage left behind
In the next year, may we know Jerusalem's celebration
When humanity lives up to and honors our sanctification

(c) April 17, 2022 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Alter do Chao - In Thoughts and Prayers For My Daughter

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