First Principles: The Magnitude of This Evil (Slavery) Among Us Is So Deeply Felt, and So Universally Acknowledged That No Merit Could Be Greater Than That of Devising A Satisfactory Remedy For It

“The magnitude of this evil [slavery] among us is so deeply felt, and so universally acknowledged; that no merit could be greater than that of devising a satisfactory remedy for it.”  – James Madison (1825), 4th President of the United States

James Madison is considered the Father of the Constitution of the United States. He was the fourth president and considered the best of those who kept notes during the constitutional convention. When some who are ignorant base their radicalness on the notion that the United States is systematically racist from its core they are devoid of any real historical basis in that as a whole the founders of this nation were opposed to slavery, but confounded as to how to rid the nation of this scourge which had actually been one of the grievances listed as it was the British who imposed this on its colonies. Perhaps this near universal hatred of slavery is why grifters like BLM and Antifa wish to toss away real history so that the truth is not laid bare?

The Betsy Ross Flag: Symbol of Racism and Slavery? – The Thinking Conservative

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