To Angie (At Age 15)

Music of the Butterfly
To Angie (At Age 15)
by Michael Doyle

Since the day you entered the world
With longish locks and fists uncurled
I have stood amazed and maybe doted
As I looked into your heart devoted

As it was and still in angelic sense
Armed with a smile to which I had no defense
But to lay down all arms and go easy
As you cooed as if to quietly soothe me

I remember an agreement we seemingly made
You with diapers being changed and me afraid
To go easy on each other as father and daughter
Now at 15, you've done just that, my daughter

You enchant the world with your sweet smile
And I remember back on even our longest mile
Knowing that each step of the way has been kind
And filled with a love, I have no right to find

If you look at me and see a smile on my face
It has been placed there with your trace
Your life's blessing is one of a father's knowing
That the principles taught are amply showing

May each passing birthday be one of loving memory
And know that you are loved within this family
Like a melodious songbird filled with celebration
Your song has been one that has brought adoration

And each passing year since that first you were born
Has been one of miracles since that first early morn
With your loving ways worn like a tiara sparkling bright
Now as you've reached 15, I hold on a little less tight

Watching you really blossoming with such radiant beauty
No longer needing life's training wheels for my true cutie
I observe you making right decisions to make the world better
And see that in your own way, you are a real go-getter

Each move toward independence is its own chest of treasure
Assuring me that you have taken in life in its full measure
And have this thing just where it brings you that victory
And for your father, it brings me assurance pleasantly

To know that you are growing up in all the right ways
That will bring about just the right sorts of best days
Yet ahead in this life that will be coming at you strong
Each decision made has been far more right than ever wrong

I am so very proud of the woman you are growing to become
You are more than I had hoped for and then more and then some
And as I laid awake unable to sleep until I greeted the sunrise
Thinking, I realize, how much I have seen through your eyes

And it is beautiful
Sometimes wonderful
To know that you are my daughter

(c) August 3, 2022 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
The Olive Tree- Tower Over Trees

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