Thought For the Day: The Fall of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) Is Quite A Morality Tale

“The fall of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) is quite a morality tale.” – Gary Bauer

“The fall of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) is quite a morality tale. It was one of the wokest banks in America. It worshipped at the altar of the left-wing worldview. … Last year, the bank made a $5 billion commitment to ‘support a healthier planet,’ while running an unhealthy bank. And over the past few weeks, the bank’s CEO managed to sell $3.6 million worth of shares before it went bankrupt. Just hours before government regulators seized control of the bank, some employees received $12,000 bonuses, while managers got $140,000 bonuses for their ‘great work.’ By the way, $140,000 is the annual salary for three families living in East Palestine, Ohio. And notice the speed with which the Biden Administration reacted to the SVB crisis. The people of East Palestine have had to beg for help, but not the leftists in Silicon Valley.” – Gary Bauer

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