Born In the Rockies (Part III)

Highland Retreat 2023 -  A Goat Moment
Born In the Rockies (Part III)
by Michael Doyle

As much as childhood is sweet, it wouldn't be clever
To ever believe these days will last forever
The ending of one relationship spells the start of the new
This is how the grasslands play out for the many and the few

Mother Bisons find their loves at first sight
As they birth their calves into the morning's light
A new singular focus to question and to protect
That is given purpose as hormones surge and detect

Yellowstone Valley awakes from winter's grip
Slowly escaping the cold from which it slips
Snowmelt births tread out of stumbled ground
And the will to survive must find its way to abound

80 million years ago this land reshaped as mountains grew
Forming a massive wall and creating changes anew
Cyclones rip across the prairies creating a biosphere
From the funnels and flows felt within the atmosphere

On these Rocky Mountains, the nannies and their kids
Pick their ways across the snow and keeping hid
A vertical world offers a master class of deference
If the mountain goat babies can survive the experience

A hop, skip, and jump brings the goats to mountain top
Learning to be sure-footed and when to start and stop
Looking for the verdant shoots from alpine meadow
As the weather decides for all just how this will go

Calm and with a good mother's way of reassurance
The mother mountain goat steadfastly offers her insurance
Until at last the storm passes and the clouds drift by
Here in the serenity of a Rocky Mountain's sigh

(c) March 31, 2023 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
The Forgotten - Winter King In A Mist Cloud

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