The Bright of This Holy Week

Lambie -Night Settles In
The Bright of This Holy Week
by Michael Doyle

Holy Week, the holiest week
On the calendar of the liturgical year
With reverence, we quietly speak
Of the events that we humbly revere

Palm Sunday is observed in commemoration
Of Jesus's arrival and triumphal entry
From betrayal for 30 pieces of silver paid
To the last supper held as quietly made

One by one, we await the arrival of Good Friday
With the Great Sabbath held on this Saturday
Egeria's pilgrimage is one of discovery and identity
As each of these days are sacred in theology

Palm Sunday, the sixth Sunday of Lent
Passiontide's hosanna is given as if Heaven sent
Salvation's arrival given as a paschal mystery
Signified and made present in holy history

Quietly wept as victory's Davidic procession
We, the believers, submit in sacred confession
A reading of the passion takes away our breath
As we listen about Jesus's capture, suffering and death

Although there is no agreement that rings clear
Holy Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday are held dear
A fig tree's curse, and cleansing of temple for dignity
All performed in response to questioning His authority

In the Tridentine Mass, death is spoken as foreseen
Though partly man and partly divine, Jesus's being
Was tempted with questions of why God would forsake
Though He experienced every ounce of life's heartbreak

At Simon the Leper's house, Jesus by Mary was annointed
And by Judas, Jesus was betrayed and he was duly appointed
The Tenebrae candles extinguish one by one into shadow
Leading into Maundy Thursday that the Lord's Supper would know

A meal led in example that all should hold holy communion
Death, denial, and resurrection brings about our union
Easter Triduum facilitates the body's deep participation
As through the coming crucifixion brings man's emancipation

Rites decreed by church and altar are the priestly institution
In a commandment of brotherly love given in contribution
Of washing the feet of His disciples, Jesus provided example
Of the servant leader much needed time and again as was ample

Gloria in excelsis Deo the bells ring out the greater doxology
Private psalms rung for the bells rang out in Rome's theology
The blessed sacrament carries it own statement of invitation
As it travels to the altar of repose in habit of visitation

All is veiled within but the stations of the humbled cross
Where victory was attained by the paschal lamb's seeming loss
The crucifixion of Christ brings a solemn sense of Good Friday
The church mourns Christ's death yet marvels in all His ways

Black Saturday brings Holy Vigil with sundown's commemoration
Abstaining in favor of the sacrifice of man's transformation
Bridging our sins to reach toward God's grace and salvation
A paschal candle is lit in man's feeble attempt at communication

The light of Christ spreads on all with chanted proclamation
All of this offered in alleluia to recognize His resurrection
Easter comes as the first day of what is known as a new season
All that has been done for mankind is done for salvation's reason

Now then the Octave of Easter comes to finally arrive
With hope, love, and memories of the savior kept alive
These are the things then that whisper of divine mercy
Held sacred to all who know the truth of this holy homily

(c) April 5, 2023 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
Lazy Rabbit Spring & Easter -Salvation's Cup

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