Thought For the Day: One of the Undeniable Objectives of Wokeism Is To Disrupt Current Systems, Crippling Society By Eliminating the Common Ground of Facts

“One of the undeniable objectives of wokeism is to disrupt current systems, crippling society by eliminating the common ground of facts and replacing it with ideas that can and will cause constant conflict. This is no longer a battle between the sane and the insane, where the vast majority of people used to agree that the greatest prosperity for human beings was to be grounded on a foundation of realism. The woke have created an alternate universe in which what each individual person thinks and feels takes precedence over facts. … If we cannot count on facts as the basis for our human rights and the laws by which society is governed, then there are no limits or boundaries within which those that create laws are required to operate.” – Samantha Koch

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