Thought For the Day: We Should See (the Nashville shooter’s manifesto) So We can Know What Exactly Drove This Killer

“We should see [the Nashville shooter’s manifesto] so we can know what exactly drove this killer. And if we don’t see it, we should be free to draw some damning conclusions not only about the Biden administration’s protection racket but about the hate-filled cult of transgenderism.”  – Douglas Andrews

This is the sort of tripe that some journalists with an agenda are trying to pass off as an excuse. Let’s keep in mind that if found, pretty much every other killer’s manifesto has been published. It hasn’t mattered if the reasons are personal or an epic statement for a terrorist or hoped-for movement. I don’t buy the excuses. While I don’t buy entirely into what Douglas Andrews is saying here, I find it unconscionable that we are not being shown this manifesto. Who and what is being protected here and precisely why are questions worthy of consideration. There is an unconfirmed statement out there that the FBI profilers are keeping this from the public as they study the document. But that makes no sense to me. The FBI can study this and release the document to the public simultaneously.

Why you may never get to read transgender Nashville shooter Audrey Hale’s murderous manifesto | Daily Mail Online

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