Home, Sweet, Haunt - The Haunted Woods -Evil Rises From the Grave

by Michael Doyle

Crescent moons signify death
Night births the heavens with her last breath
The realm of darkness buries the sun
Until once again a new day is begun

Digging the way through disparagement
Needs perseverance when there is no encouragement
The seeds of dreams come from kernels of tears
Until at last hope fully reappears

The Necronomicon brings together
The art to the artist in a cosmic tether
Brought together in a vision from a blind seer
All in the name of the conjured fear

Images take shape just as they will
Bringing to the audience a myth’s thrill
A synthesis that knows its fatal place
And will hold no other in its embrace

A gift of the gods from the repressed past
It’s special darkness was created to be cast
As the hub of the wheel that brings its creation
As a wide angled lens expand our imagination

The camera glides to create prolonged sensation
That finds its way into the psyche in its penetration
Perpetual motion illustrates the breadth of motion
As an alien breath creates its organic emotion

A feeling of waiting for something to happen permeates
Like a slow motion glissando Ridley creates
Held back in strength to create suspense
It’s a logic beyond logic that acts to convince

An unspoken voice calls for the crew’s moving on
A woken moment suddenly shocking and then gone
Claustrophobia knows its vapid, sudden arrival
In the primeval struggle for man’s survival

(c) April 21, 2023 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

Charge Carnivale Obscura - Liquid Fear

Poem 2 in a series based on an analysis of Alien.

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