The Kindness of A Godly Mother

Spring ChicLand - A Man Observing A Dog Observing A Mother's Love
The Kindness of A Godly Mother
by Michael Doyle

Hold on to the wisdom found within the Word
Despite all the foolishness that has occurred
The Bible is replete with examples understood
Of women who were mothers, holy and good

Though often imperfect, that's not the goal
It's a life that is productive for the soul
In all these mothers, there are lessons to learn
Lessons good and holy, from which we discern

That God sees everything in all that we do
In turn, we should see in God all that is true
All the mothers of the Bible live in prayer
Knowing that faith and answers will be found there

In every story and every word, from the start
There is the wisdom of mothers to impart
A godly mother is a woman of the most excellent quality
Who lives for God and tends to her blessed family

All the habits of leaning in on God over the years
In all of her happiness and even in her tears
Depending on God becomes its own faithful reliance
To pray their way through each day's grace and assurance

Believing in God's every word in all its righteousness
Through discernment, she trusts in her life's blessedness
Keeping generosity given freely toward all others
The giving heart is found within every godly mother

Building up those persons who she lives around
With words of encouragement, often quite profound
In obedience to God, there is found recompense
That surpasses the worries of life and its consequence

A godly mother provides love in her atmosphere
Filled with the reflection of Jesus without fear
Being forgiving in nature releases life from stress
Having the right heart brings better truths to confess

Tenderhearted in all the promises that God has kept
A godly mother is filled with joy, even with tears wept
And persistent until what is needed is completely done
The accomplishments found were there even before begun

She sets the example of never allowing herself to quit
And lives a life of hope marked with very little regret
This is all that's needed to pass life's measured test
And to know that it's the way of living this life best

It goes without real need for any proffered explanation
That godly mothers deserve this day of deep appreciation
When we realize they've lived life with a serving spirit
However hard it is for some to take heed and hear it

This is embodied in how a mother serves her loved family
Through living an organized life that is kept as holy
In loving this life, it serves to teach the next generation
That it is best to keep holiness held with veneration

Though there will be times that come with discouragement
The godly mother practices the ways of encouragement
And though there are times that require their needed rest
It is the can-do attitude that gains life's best

It is holy to love one another unconditionally
And a godly mother does this thing for her family
Living life to fully love and to gracefully forgive
It's the touch of the mother that teaches us to live

(c) May 14, 2023 Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved
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