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First Principles: The Chief Aim of Criminal Jurisprudence Is to Prevent Crimes

“To prevent crimes, is the noblest end and aim of criminal jurisprudence. To punish them, is one of the means necessary for the accomplishment of this noble end and aim.” – James Wilson (1790)            

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First Principles: When War Becomes Necessary, Immediately Set Out the Terms of Peace

“To render the justice of the war on our part the more conspicuous, the reluctance to commence it was followed by the earliest and strongest manifestations of a disposition to arrest its progress. The sword was scarcely out of the … Continue reading

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WordPress – #Daily Prompt – Panacea

Searching through the writings of the academia Looking for some sort of universal panacea Taking in all the colors of loss and healing There seems one thing that is soul revealing There is a lot of truth in some things … Continue reading

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