Curtain-Fall Triversen

Poem of the Day #9 is the Triversen form.


“The Triversen, (triple verse sentence), is a sentence broken into three lines. It has also been referred to as a “verset”, a surge of language in one breath.”

“The Triversen was originated by William Carlos Williams as a “native American” poetic form of the 20th century. According to Lewis Turco in his Book of Forms, it is “one of the most innovative things done to modern free-verse.” It introduced the “variable foot” to free verse. The “variable foot” is a phrase or portion of a sentence contained within a line.”

Moulin Rouge -Splash Down

Curtain-Fall Triversen
by Michael Romani

As dance ends, she comes to rest
Remembering well
The curtain-falls
That he was the one 
Who showed her first
The dancer's-call

She unlaces her dancing shoes
Thinking as well
The curtain-falls
All the times they once had
Together dancing

She had thought him an imposition
In her mind
That now recalls
That all he did, he truly did for her
And it occurs
As curtain-falls

That she had been unfair
In pushing him away
She does recall
All the love he showed her
Day after day
Until the curtain-fall

How alarmed he had seemed
As all that he had dreamed
And that she had been all to him
Until her whim
Had washed him away

(c)  February 15, 2019   Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

Royal Opera & Gardens - Curtain Before The Little Yoshiwara Geishas




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