Cultivating Kindness II

One of lessons that is maybe too hard to learn for some is that in the face of harshness, sometimes the very best response is to show the same merciful kindness that God has shown us. It is a hard lesson cutting against our natural tendency to cut back on those who cut us.  Isn’t it?

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Cultivating Kindness II
by Michael Romani

As a child of God, it becomes our nature
While we grow in the spirit and mature
There exist no reason not to be kind
As our Lord gave sight to the blind

We too have a bit of that capacity
To shine out loving kindness capably
Instances of this are abundant in history
Each of these a living proof of His mercy

Make no mistake, being kind marks the strong
Especially, in the face of that which is wrong
Such righteous kindness isn't to be taken lightly
But to be our model and held onto tightly

God is forbearing in His abundant patience
Here in this world filled with sinful persistence
We, too, should bear the burden when others are unkind
In so doing, God will reward us with peace of mind

In the face of harshness, it can be the best defense
To react by listening in kindness and without pretense
Listening to the troubles flowing in another's mind
Offering a bit of peace that they might not otherwise find

While another might want to be our disparager
Returning this with kindness surely builds character
There is on thing on which may always, truly depend
That in nearly all situations, kindness builds the best of friends

(c)  June 4, 2019  Michael Romani
All Rights Reserved

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