The Woke Wake Up

There are just ways to advocate against injustice.  There are ways that make moving for justice anything but that.   Now as these predators are being identified by their own online postings, they curl up into fetal position decrying how unfair that they should do jail time for burning down police stations and destroying the businesses of hundreds if not thousands of those who struggled to have their versions of the American Dream.  I’m sorry, but, I have very little pity for these violent miscreants.  If you want justice, act just. If you want mercy, be merciful.  If you want a better world, make yourself better.

Recon On Indiana Dunes and Upper Wabash Valley II 07042020 and 07062020

The Woke Wake Up
by Michael Doyle

Let no man say that another is the less
That sort of rubbish isn't worth the guess
Let us all move forward to protect the weak
But let all have the basic right to speak

The licentiousness of riot only brings ruin
As society capitulates into its very undoing
And now the older radicals are found decrying
The fruits of their labors horribly multiplying

The Woke are waking up to their actual fragility
Having taken a wrongly aimed stab at immortality
Curled into a fetal position at the unfairness of life
Brought on by its own quest to unmitigated strife

Oh now, there we are in all the horrid bungle
As the purveyors of the death culture's media jungle
Find that truth that they seek to avoid seeing
That all life is sacred and has its own meaning

Shock troops of the revolution branded by profanity
Are found now starting to eat their own inanity
Black hoodie, firebombs and a bit of spray paint
These losers aren't anyone's ideal of the worse saint

We don't get to a better world by burning the old one down
That sort of thinking would be beneath the worse clown
As these vile trash talkers turn out to be afraid of jail
The ghosts of civil rights know this isn't how to prevail

Seeking to have their 15 minutes of storied Tick Tock
They take to the streets setting them to burn and rock
Yet when taken in from their own evidence posted on line
Is it unfair that they bear the fruit of their own sign

Finding themselves self signified as somehow awoke
Looking in the mirror they find themselves godless and broke
Unabashedly arrogant in demonstrating their utmost ignorance
When found out they seek to beg indulgence and forbearance

It's an oddity of our times that this is their best contribution
Yet, they loudly say they are fighting for a just revolution
Poorly educated as they were given a free pass at being degreed
A moment's foresight was something they didn't think they'd need

When reason is brought to the discussion, they aren't inquisitive
Yet morally broken as they are they are actively acquisitive
Ambitiously stalled they march into their own divestment 
Wouldn't it have been better to make a more worthy investment?

(c) July 9, 2020  Michael Doyle
All Rights Reserved

Seal Beach - Somewhere On A Distant Shore




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